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Diagnostics Redefined Digitized Reimagined Revolutionised Enhanced Optimised

Better Care Connected. 


Redefined Digitized Reimagined Revolutionised Enhanced Optimised

Better Care Connected. 

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What we do

Diagnostic Solutions

Axon Diagnostics provides an HSCN based centralised diagnostic reporting hub for secure image sharing.

Our solution allows your radiologists or pathologists to connect from a remote location (anywhere in the world), using our 100% lossless VDI environment to securely access our centralised PACS based reporting platform. ​

We leverage each care providers own resources for their own benefit giving confidence in diagnosis by supporting regional telediagnosis (insourcing). To enable this, we provide services such as: workforce scheduling, allocation, prioritisation and teleradiology/telepathology capacity to ensure that work is reported in the most efficient way and by the most appropriate specialist available

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Be part of a revolution in remote diagnostic reporting. Everything we do is designed around our doctors, from super-efficient workflow to the highest pay-rates in the market, we believe doctors who are looked after and feel valued deliver a higher level of patient care and support a sustainable NHS. To be part of this contact us today to join our team.

Why are we here?

We’re here to disrupt the UK and global teleradiology and pathology markets by doing things differently, to support happier lives for clinicians and help deliver better diagnostic care for all.

What We Do

Our revolutionary
diagnostic platforms

Plug in to our centralised diagnostic network and reporting management service to unify the hospitals in your region.

Access expert radiology reporting from the Axon Diagnostics virtual hospital which enables you to extend your local team with a cost-effective teleradiology solution for extra resource.

Independent audit services for your department with actionable evaluation.

A unique home reporting solution that’s highly secure, and cost effective.

A central reporting hub and access to remote pathology resources from any remote location.

PACS Hosting with Medical Lossless VDI – Highly Secure Rapid Access: Anytime, Anywhere.


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“I think the way that we’re doing things at Axon Diagnostics will be a breath of fresh air for radiology departments and a game-changer for the UK radiology and teleradiology markets.

Improving care, saving the NHS money and maintaining a happy and motivated workforce, in this model everybody wins! ”

Dr Struan Wilkie, Consultant Radiologist, NHS Scotland and Axon Diagnostics Medical Director

“Brilliant service supported by the next generation in technology solutions. A very welcome change to the teleradiology market and a refreshing new choice, run by people who put  ‘doing things the right way’ at the front and centre.”

Consultant Radiologist, NHS England

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