Step by step on how our platforms enable radiologists to perform their best

How it works

Fast Access

Under 60 seconds from log in to reporting

Radiologist friendly

Intuitive PACS based reporting client with integrated VR ​provided by Sectra

Full Integration

Full PACS/RIS Integration with access to all current and previous images and reports

Subspecialty Reporting

PACS modules to support all work – no changing workstation or opening other applications – including AI, PET-CT and mp-MRI​

Transfer Of Reports

Seamless and instant transfer of completed reports back to RIS of origin through HL-7

Customise Your Protocols

Fully customizable hanging protocol for all radiologists


Bespoke rule-based configuration for image transfer and reports for each hospital

Digital Pathology

Embedded Pathology reporting services

AI Assistance Ecosystem

AI embedded into the PACs based reporting client, benefit from fully validated and verified for diagnostics.


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