With PathREPORT you can seamlessly utilise the below Artificial Intelligence applications all of which are fully integrated into our Centralised Pathology Reporting Platform and workflow.

Pathology AI Applications

BreastIHC: Ki67, ER, PR

The AI tool BreastIHC quantifies Ki-67, estrogen receptor (ER), and progesterone receptor (PR) in breast cancer and works out-of-the-box with real-world image variability in any lab without the need for manual fine-tuning per lab.

Clinical AI Model for Breast Cancer: Ki67

Intended for use with digitized images of Ki67 stained normal and cancerous human breast tissue to support the detection of tumor epithelium and scoring of Ki67 positive and negative cells of epithelial origin from WSI or the selected image areas.

DeepDx® Prostate

DeepDx® Prostate, a clinically validated and lab-tested AI for prostate cancer. WSI of H&E-stained prostate core needle biopsy tissue analyzed for cancer, Gleason score and grade group. The only commercial AI that performs gland-level segmentation.

INIFY® Prostate Screening

INIFY® Prostate Screening is an AI-powered tool that provides pathologists with valuable decision support when identifying cancer in prostate biopsies.

The Aiforia Clinical Suite for Breast Cancer

The Aiforia Clinical Suite for Breast Cancer provides pathologists with the portfolio of AI powered, supportive tools they need to not only accelerate sample review but to also improve diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

The Galen™ Platform

Galen is a clinically proven, AI-powered platform for supporting pathologists during routine cancer diagnosis. The platform helps pathologists improve the accuracy of diagnosis, enhance lab efficiency and implement 100% quality control.


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