You can seamlessly utilise the below Artificial Intelligence applications with our solution all of which are fully integrated into our Centralised Radiology Reporting Platform and workflow.

Radiology AI Applications


Automated fractures detection solution to support practitioners on trauma X-Rays reporting. The tool allows radiologists and emergency physicians to secure their diagnosis while saving time.

ChestEye CAD

Automated normal chest X-ray reporting to decrease the workload for radiologists.

ClearRead™ CT

ClearRead CT improves nodule search efficiency and detection accuracy for all nodule types using patented vessel suppression technology. The application operates of contrast and non-contrast CTs.

ClearRead™ Xray

ClearRead™ Xray improves reading efficiency and accuracy of chest radiographs, optimizing diagnostic value of portable and upright images. ClearRead Xray Bone Suppress increases visibility of soft tissue in chest radiographs, suppressing bone on the digital image, without the need for two exposures.

cNeuro cMRI

cNeuro® cMRI provides automated volumetric quantification of brain structures and lesions based on MRI T1 and FLAIR images. If prior scans are available, cNeuro cMRI also computes information about longitudinal change. Results are summarized in comprehensive reports that are sent back to PACS.

PowerLook® Density Assessment

PowerLook Density Assessment is a software application intended for use with 2D FFDM and 2D Synthetic mammography images. PowerLook Density Assessment provides a BI-RADS 5th Edition breast density category to aid health care professionals in the assessment of breast tissue composition. PowerLook Density Assessment produces adjunctive information. It is not a diagnostic aid.


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