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Our pathology services, provided to the NHS and other healthcare providers


Regional sharing
fronted by 100% lossless VDI

We provide central reporting from our hub to seamlessly share images and reports internally or at a cross consortium level, creating a radiology network giving the hospital a global view of workload

Our solution allows your radiologists to connect from a remote location (anywhere in the world), using our 100% lossless VDI environment to securely access our centralised PACS based reporting platform. 

We leverage each care providers own resources for their own benefit giving confidence in diagnosis by supporting regional teleradiology (insourcing). To enable this, we provide services such as: workforce scheduling, allocation & prioritisation to ensure that work is reported in the most efficient way and by the most appropriate specialist available.

Once connected, Axon Diagnostics’ Virtual Reporting Hub supports you with teleradiology and subspeciality reporting for any additional capacity required to meet your demands (outsourcing).


Welcome to PathREPORT

Axon Diagnostics has developed a very simple and cost effective model to rapidly encourage healthcare providers to adopt Digital Pathology. By joining PathREPORT your hospital will be able to report locally or  pool pathology resources together either within the same health consortium or utilise the wider pathology network.

What We Do

Axon Diagnostics has developed the first Digital Pathology Centralised Reporting Hub (PathREPORT) that we believe will not only enable pathologists to come together and pool resources but to significantly reduce the cost of implementing Digital Pathology and to provide our customers with easily adoptable solutions.

  • fast and easy digitisation of Pathology services
  • expertise in interoperability and integration
  • support collaboration and sharing between regions
  • backlog clearance and additional Pathology resource
  • long and short-term storage

At the heart of our centralised reporting hub we utilise our unique first-to-market Digital Pathology streaming protocol that allows pathologists to instantly stream our telepathology platform directly to their remote location (much like Netflix or Amazon) instantly using 100% lossless compression. Our Zero Wait protocol means that pathologists can work from home as quickly as working from the hospital, significantly enhancing their productivity without the need to ever download large datasets.

Our Workflow

Each customer that joins PathREPORT will be given either a high volume or low volume WSI DP Scanner that is placed within your lab, when the slide has been digitised it is automatically sent up to our highly secure reporting hub (PathREPORT) where your Pathologists will log on and report it from any location. The slide and patient demographics are sent back into your LIS/LIMS by our routing engines.


Axon Pathology can either utilise your existing scanner or provide high or low volume WSI scanners free of charge to your lab (and lab technicians, if required)  to digitise slides.


Newly digitised Images and patient demographics are immediately uploaded securely to our PathREPORT servers within a secure network where the study awaits reporting.


PathREPORT comes preconfigured with Pathology AI embedded into our Pathology PACS system that will automatically pre-read the image upon entering the PathREPORT envrionment.


Your pathologists securely log into our PathREPORT Reporting Platform to report your images using our unique pathology streaming technology for rapid In-hospital and home reporting.


Each customer has the ability to allow other pathologists within the PathREPORT community the ability to securely report on your images, allowing the hospital to expand your team of pathologists.


When a pathologist has approved the report, the image and patient data are securely transferred back into your existing LIS/LIMS immediately using an HL7 Interface.


Axon Diagnostics believes in supporting healthcare providers with the delivery of sustainable solutions for clinical excellence in diagnostics and so we adopt a fair pay and fair charge approach to pricing. We operate on an agile and innovative technology model and as such can pass some cost efficiencies back to our customers offering them a significant discount below market rate and encouraging more sustainable approaches to delivery radiology reporting.

  • Significant discounts below market/RRP as an NHS early adopter.
  • Sign up now, pay later – PAYG, subscription and other flexible pricing options available.
  • £0 integration costs – fast track deployment (if required) at no cost.

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